TAGA Harmony to Debut at StereoNET Hi-Fi & AV Show

October 16, 2023

TAGA Harmony, a well-known audio brand renowned for its superior sound quality and innovative design, is now available in Australia and will debut at the 2023 StereoNET Hi-Fi & AV Show. Continue Reading

NAD M66 Streaming DAC-Preamplifier Preview

October 16, 2023

The new M66 BluOS-powered streaming DAC/preamp from NAD Electronics is set to ship in November 2023, but visitors to the 2023 StereoNET Hi-FI & AV Show will get a special preview. Continue Reading

Krix to debut the LX-7 Linear LCR Bar at this year’s show

October 16, 2023

The first of its kind from celebrated Australian manufacturer Krix, the LX-7 is a high-performance, passive loudspeaker available in three sizes for all but the largest TV and projector screens. Continue Reading

The Hi-Fi Collective Showcasing Epos, Fyne Audio, and ZUMA

October 15, 2023

Rooms M2 and M3 from Hi-Fi Collective are always a must-stop (and listen) on the Melbourne show tour each year. Continue Reading

Aragon Tungsten High-End Preamp Southern Hemisphere Debut

October 15, 2023

Indy Audio Labs, owner of the Aragon brand, will premiere its highly anticipated 2-channel preamplifier, the Tungsten, for the first time in the Southern Hemisphere at the 2023 StereoNET Hi-Fi & AV Show. Continue Reading

Auris Turntable & Tonearm Showcase at StereoNET Melbourne Show

October 15, 2023

Australian distributor Radiance AV will use the 2023 StereoNET Melbourne Hi-Fi & AV Show as a launching pad for Serbian brand Auris and its new range of turntables, tonearms and more. Continue Reading

See and Hear the New Lotus Eletre EV with KEF

October 12, 2023

If you love hi-fi, cars and tech, you're in for a treat with Lotus' latest Eletre EV on display at this year's StereoNET Hi-Fi & AV Show in Melbourne. Continue Reading

‘Made in UK’- All British Showcase with Peter Comeau

October 12, 2023

Room M8 at this year's StereoNET Hi-FI & AV Show will be an all-British affair with Wharfedale, Audiolab and Castle on show. Continue Reading

Headphones Heaven at the 2023 StereoNET Melbourne Hi-Fi & AV Show

October 12, 2023

Minidisc is transforming the Ground Floor into the Headzones Listening Lounge and will showcase some of the latest and best in headphones, amp/DACs and digital audio players. Continue Reading

Lenco Showcases New LBT-335BA Turntable

October 12, 2023

Lenco, a name not forgotten by long-term audio enthusiasts, will introduce its new LBT-335BA Bamboo Bluetooth Turntable at the upcoming StereoNET Hi-Fi & AV Show. Continue Reading

DALI to Launch New Products at 2023 StereoNET Show

October 12, 2023

DALI's Australian distributor, Amber Technology, will showcase two new products at this year's StereoNET Melbourne Hi-Fi & AV Show. Continue Reading

One Week Until Australia’s Largest Hi-Fi & AV Show

October 12, 2023

With just over a week until the StereoNET Melbourne Hi-Fi & AV Show for 2023, it's shaping up to be the best yet, with 210 confirmed brands on demonstration. Continue Reading

The Ultimate Private Home Cinema Demonstration

October 06, 2023

For the first time at a show in the Southern Hemisphere, National AV Solutions will present an ultimate private home cinema experience at this year's StereoNET Melbourne Hi-Fi & AV Show. Continue Reading

Hear Meze Audio’s 109 Pro Primal Headphones at this year’s show!

October 02, 2023

Meze Audio's 109 Pro Primal special edition features hand-chiselled walnut earcups, and join the exclusive Meze Audio Art Gallery collection. Continue Reading

Come and Hear Yamaha’s New HA-L7A Flagship Headphone Amplifier

September 28, 2023

Yamaha is a well-known brand, and most of us, if not all, would have used one of the company's products or at least heard of them before. The Japanese company has now announced its first-ever headphone amplifier, the HA-L7A, employing its patented technologies.  Continue Reading

Come and Hear Rega’s Brand New Naia Reference Turntable

September 27, 2023

Rega's Naia flagship record player is now available after months of touring the globe, featuring a titanium tonearm and graphene-impregnated carbon fibre skeletal plinth. Continue Reading

Three Weeks Until Australia’s Greatest Hi-Fi & AV Show

September 27, 2023

Australian audio and video enthusiasts are in for a sensory overload as the StereoNET Hi-Fi & AV Show returns in October, following the massive success of last year's show. Continue Reading

Win Dellichord FR6 Australian Made Loudspeakers

August 31, 2023

The 2023 StereoNET Melbourne Hi-Fi & AV Show is just around the corner, and Dellichord is offering you the chance to win a pair of its premium FR6 bookshelf speakers. Continue Reading

10 Weeks To Go!

August 07, 2023

The 2023 Melbourne Hi-Fi Show is going to be the biggest yet with more than 150 world-class brands expected in headphones, home cinema, and hi-fi, across three levels of the Pullman Albert Park hotel. Continue Reading

Introducing Headzones at the 2023 StereoNET Hi-Fi & AV Show

July 08, 2023

The largest showing of portable audio and headphones at an Australian show, and FREE ENTRY! Continue Reading

Tickets are on sale now!

May 02, 2023

Tickets are now on sale for the 2023 StereoNET Australian Hi-Fi & AV Show, Melbourne - the most exciting event on the calendar for hi-fi, headphones, home cinema, and much more. Continue Reading

Save The Date: 2024 StereoNET Australian Hi-FI & AV Show

May 02, 2023

While tickets are already on sale for the upcoming 2023 event that's shaping up as one that's not to be missed, we're pleased to announce confirmed dates for the 2024 StereoNET Australian Hi-Fi & AV Show. Continue Reading

JBL Synthesis to Deliver Truly Immersive Home Cinema Experience

May 26, 2022

The Victoria Room on Level 1 will host a dedicated home cinema experience like no other at this year's StereoNET Hi-Fi & AV Show, thanks to JBL Synthesis. Continue Reading

Meze Audio 109 PRO Headphones to be showcased at StereoNET Hi-Fi Show

May 26, 2022

Fresh off the back of their debut at Munich High End show last week, Meze Audio's brand new 109 PRO headphones will be shown for the first time in Australia at the 2022 StereoNET Hi-Fi & AV Show in Melbourne, June 3rd-5th. Continue Reading

Nearly 70 Years of Research Leads to Harman Kardon’s Show Demonstration

May 25, 2022

In 1953, Dr Sidney Harman and Bernard Kardon founded the now iconic and globally renowned brand, Harman Kardon. Their shared passion for music and the arts formed the base for an entirely new industry: high-fidelity audio. Continue Reading

Audiophile Heaven with Mark Levinson, Revel, Cary Audio, and JBL

May 25, 2022

Audiophiles are going to be in for a treat across two rooms at this year's StereoNET Hi-Fi & AV Show, thanks to Convoy, featuring iconic brands Mark Levinson, Revel, Cary Audio, and JBL.  Continue Reading

Tube Testing and Cable Burn-in Available at the Lux Audio Booth

May 20, 2022

In a first for the StereoNET Hi-Fi Show, valve lovers will be able to get their vacuum tubes tested Nos Tubes, at the Lux Audio booth on Level 1. Continue Reading

Yamaha Australian First Debut of Hi-Fi 2000 Series

May 19, 2022

At this year's StereoNET Hi-Fi & AV Show, you'll get to be among the first in the world to experience Yamaha's brand new Hi-Fi 2000 Series, including the R-N2000A and NS-2000A. Continue Reading

Richter to Debut Special Edition Black Speakers

May 19, 2022

The upcoming StereoNET Hi-Fi & AV Show in Melbourne will host the world premiere of Richter's Series 6 Special Edition Black loudspeakers. Continue Reading

Krix, Trinnov, and Barco Demo Real Cinema at Home

May 12, 2022

At this year's StereoNET Hi-Fi & AV Show, you'll experience the impact and excitement of real cinema at home with some of the biggest names in commercial cinema. Continue Reading

23-Channel Dolby Atmos Cinema Demo by Cogworks

April 29, 2022

From Australia's most awarded home cinema designer, David Moseley, CEO of Wavetrain Cinemas, Cogworks will deliver an immersive home cinema demonstration at this year's show that is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. Continue Reading

COVID-19: New VIC Government Changes Applicable to Hi-Fi Show

April 23, 2022

The Victorian Government has announced that most COVID-19 restrictions will be removed from 11:59pm, Friday 22 April 2022. Continue Reading

Aussie Brand Pitt & Giblin Debuts at 2022 StereoNET Show

April 19, 2022

Pitt & Giblin, a new Tasmanian brand, emerged from a pandemic and shifted its focus to delivering exceptionally crafted hi-fi loudspeakers. Continue Reading

Must See Demos from Hegel, KEF, Estelon, Linn, Gryphon

April 19, 2022

One of Australia's greatest high-end distributors, Advance Audio, is offering show attendees a must-see and must-hear opportunity from world-class brands at this year's StereoNET Hi-Fi & AV Show in Melbourne. Continue Reading

Australian Hi-Fi Shows Consolidate For Future Shows

December 18, 2021

Chester Group Ltd (Chester), organisers of the Australian Hi-Fi & AV Show, together with StereoNET Marketing Pty Ltd (StereoNET), the organisers of the StereoNET Melbourne Hi-Fi Show, announced today that through acquisition, both Australian shows will now be consolidated, promoted, and organised by StereoNET Marketing Pty Ltd indefinitely. Continue Reading

Buy Your Tickets Now for a Chance to WIN

November 17, 2021

That's right, tickets for the long-awaited return of the StereoNET Melbourne Hi-Fi Show are now on sale! Continue Reading


October 15, 2019

National AV will be launching many new products from Parasound and GoldenEar Technology in Room M7 at this year's StereoNET Melbourne Hi-Fi Show. Continue Reading


October 15, 2019

Debuting at last year's StereoNET Hi-FI Show, Australia's M8Audio is back with the world premiere of its Tower Maxwell, flagship loudspeaker. Continue Reading


October 15, 2019

Synergy Audio Visual, distributors of some of the finest hi-fi brands on the planet, will give attendees to this year's StereoNET Melbourne Hi-Fi Show a real treat for the eyes and ears. Continue Reading


October 15, 2019

Chord Electronics and Kharma will harmoniously partner at this year's StereoNET Melbourne Hi-Fi Show for a two-channel demonstration that stacks up to over $350,000 in total.  Continue Reading