Auris Turntable & Tonearm Showcase at StereoNET Melbourne Show

October 15, 2023
Australian distributor Radiance AV will use the 2023 StereoNET Melbourne Hi-Fi & AV Show as a launching pad for Serbian brand Auris and its new range of turntables, tonearms and more.

Auris has been well-known for its electronics, including high quality tube-based amplifiers, preamps and headphone amps over the past ten years. Now, they've broadened their product lineup with an exciting new range of turntables and electronics to match. 

The range starts with the Auris RnR Turntable for $1,100 as a complete turntable (just add your phono cartridge of choice), up to the flagship Bayadere 5, which sells for $18,000 without a tonearm. 

The Auris tonearm lineup is also as extensive as it is impressive. The range-topping Hawk 24K Gold 14-inch tonearm will cost you a cool $31,170, and just as the name suggests, it's plated in 24k gold! 

You'll find the Auris turntable and tonearm range on display at Booths E1-E4, while downstairs in the Headzones areas, Auris will reveal its new high-end headphone amplifier for the very first time.

Auris Audio and its team of engineers manufacture in-house with extreme precision and care. Every device is hand-crafted using only the best components and materials without compromising quality.

The StereoNET Hi-Fi & AV Show takes place October 20-22 at the Pullman Hotel & Convention Centre, Queens Road, Albert Park. For a limited time, discounted tickets are still available online.

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